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Уважаемые сеньоры! Если вы зарегистрировались хотя бы на одну из своих групп турнира «XXXVII...

15.09.2015 23:41
Complete results

Complete results were published on RUSDSU website. In the next year competition will be held...

03.12.2013 20:38
Change in schedule

At friday (29 Nov) there will be Juvenile I+II age group instead of just Juvenile-I.

26.11.2013 11:57

Welcome message of the organisers

Head coaches of Aleko dancesport club

Dear friends, colleagues, competitors!

Welcome to our traditional XXXIV-MOSKVITCH-2012 Dancesport Championships!

We are delighted to see you again at the hospitable Ivan Yarygin Sports Palace. 

Time is flying, life is changing, new dancesport stars are emerging, but as usual we open the new dancesport season with the International Moskvitch Championships.

As part of this event you will be able to watch the 16th Russian Team Championship. As from this year its format has changed: now the team consists of 4 adult couples, competing in Standard and Latin. Aleko dancesport club has won this Challenge Cup eleven times and we hope to retain the Champion’s title this year.

For the first time we hold the Standard Russian Championship for 19-20 year-old athletes. You will be able to watch the leading couples successfully representing our country at major national and world championships.

We would like to address our words of sincere gratitude to Mr Vladimir Zotov, Prefect of Moscow South-East district under whose auspices our festival has been successfully run for many years with the Latin Prefect Cup as its major highlight.

We are also thankful to all enterprises of Moscow South-East district that have contributed to the organization of our event and helped us with the logistics and material issues. Special words of gratitude should go to the management of Ivan Yarygin Sports Palace for its comfortable premises for athletes and spectators alike.

Dear competitors! We have done that again! We are looking forward to exiting competition and your beautiful dancing. Best of luck!

Head coaches of Aleko dancesport club
Galina and Valeriy Gulay

Organising Committee

109316, Moscow, 46/15 Volgogradsky avenue,
Leasure Center «Moskvitch», office # 337 «B».

Phone, fax

+7 (499)179-64-63,

+7 (499)178-70-80 

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